[Re:space] Workspace

[Re:space] offers a comprehensive range of corporate workplace design services including:

  • Site surveys and accurate site measure

  • Space planning for new offices

  • Office refurbishment strategies and masterplans

  • Concept floor plans and layouts including furniture placement

  • Design and specification of built in joinery including reception desks, kitchen cabinetry, office and boardroom fittings

  • Workstation selection

  • Furniture selection

  • Reception area design including reception desks

  • Lighting selection and layouts

  • Finishes and colour selection

  • Detailed power, data and lighting plans

  • Existing furniture audits to determine reuse value

  • Signage design including signs for glazing treatments

  • Artwork creation, supply and placement

  • Preparation of tender packages

  • Administration of tender packages

  • Project management of installation

[Re:space] Art
[Re:space] Residential

[Re:space] offers a comprehensive range of retail design services


  • Interior and exterior detailing

  • Conceptual interior design

  • Room layouts and elevations

  • Kitchen and bathroom refurbishment including advice on selection of surfaces and finishes

  • Built-in joinery design

  • Development of colour palette

  • Finishes selection

  • Furniture selection

  • Lighting layouts and illumination design

  • Project management

  • 3d modelling

  • Preparation of working documents

  • Preparation and management of tender packages

  • Project management of installation

  • Architectural Project Budgeting – Construction Cost Estimates

  • Evaluate Bidding and Negotiation on tenders

  • Consultant Coordination

 [Re:space] offers a comprehensive range of services to create customised art for your organisation. These include:

  • Site inspection and assessment of space requirements

  • Consultation on image elements

  • Photography

  • Image creation and manipulation

  • Image selection and recommendation from existing body of work

  • Production

    • Art on canvas

    • Framed art

    • Banners and wall hangings

    • Wallpaper

    • Wraps and hoardings

  • Placement advice

  • Hanging and application